Ever Look Forward To Monday?

Ever have one of those weekends where you actually look forward to Monday so you can rest?

Yeah, it was one of those weekends. I’m tired.

I like my weekends to be quiet and uneventful. Not too busy, just quiet and uneventful. This weekend was exhausting.

Saturday we did a poker run for a cancer charity. A poker run is a biker event where you ride to 5 locations, get a poker hand, and if you get a great hand you have a chance of winning some money. We did not get a great poker hand. Alas. The weather was in the 50’s in the morning, winds out of the north. Brrr. I freely admit I do not like riding when it’s cold.

It’s May here, people. The weather is supposed to be warming. Not in the 50’s. It’s supposed to be hitting high 70s and 80s by now. Dressing up in leathers is a giant pain in the ass. Barreling down the highway with a cold wind slapping my face is not my idea of a good time. Getting home 5 hours later, I’m wind burned and wiped out. But then we had to go to the grocery store to get food for Mother’s Day, because #1 son and the grandkids were coming over on Sunday. So off we went.

Yesterday morning we went over to my mother-in-laws to wish her a Happy Mothers Day and spend some time with her. Then we came home and I started to make cupcakes. Got everything out and realized I had no eggs. Doh! How could I have no eggs? I always have eggs. So had to hop in the car and dash to the store to buy eggs. Made the cupcakes, #1 son and the grandkids came over. (daughter in law had to work yesterday. She’s a bartender at a restaurant. Poor baby).

We barbecued chicken, had beans and corn on the cob. And of course the cupcakes, which oldest granddaughter helped me ice.

Played with the granddaughters. Lots of fun. Very tiring. Heh. They spent the afternoon here and it’s always so enjoyable having them around.

By last night I was utterly wiped out. I got no writing done this weekend. Bad me.

So yeah, I was actually looking forward to Monday because I don’t have to be anywhere today. It’s laundry and writing day.

How sad and pathetic am I? :giggle:

Hope all you Moms out there had a wonderful day yesterday!