We Interrupt Spring For…Football!

College Football talk commencing. Those whose eyes glaze over at such conversation feel free to look away.

Watched the First Round of the NFL Draft last night, mainly for this:


Sam Bradford, Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, was drafted #1 by the St. Louis Rams last night.



Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska went #2 to Detroit

Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma went #3 to Tampa Bay (He cried and made me get all weepy too!)

Trent Williams from Oklahoma went #4 to Washington

Russell Okung from Oklahoma State went #6 to Seattle

Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma went #21 to Cincinnati

Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State went #24 to Dallas

The Big 12 had a mighty fine showing in the first round. I can’t wait to watch them all play.