This That and Another Week

This post is going to be filled with all kinds of random, so feel free to join in with your own brand of randomness.

Busy week. Working on my book, which now has an official title! (This is the football book).

My Berkley Heat sports series will be titled

The Perfect Play (for the football story) and The Perfect Game (for the baseball story). Love those titles. What do you think? I’m kind of writing the football book by the seat of my pants, so still getting to know these characters. Not sure what they’re going to be up to, but I’m starting to get a pretty good idea where I’m going to go with this. Sometimes writing this way is a giant heaping pain in the ass because I’ll often get stuck since I haven’t plotted the story out in advance. But often it frees me to create the story as I go along. Eh. Pros and cons, ya know?

Have been hideously plagued by migraines since Christmas. I’ve had like 7 of them, and I typically don’t get 7 migraines in a year because I take medication to prevent them. So that’s been a giant pain in my butt. Or in my head. Ugh. Hard to write when your head is exploding. Maybe it’s time to get the medication dosage changed. All I know is migraines suck.

Anyone seen any of the awesome new movies out? Biker Dude and I went to see Avatar in 3D last weekend. Whoa. Some spectacular filmmaking there. The plot itself wasn’t going to change my life, but the way the movie was made was just incredible. I highly recommend everyone seeing it in 3D at the movie theater. It’s not to be missed. And I get easily nauseated, and it wasn’t a pop out 3D. It was more for depth, so if you’re worried about that, don’t be. It didn’t bother me in the least.

Our arctic blast of below zero temps and ice and snow has finally left and we have temps in the 40s and 50s again. Yay! Of course now it’s all ugly and wet and muddy outside from all the melted snow, so my pups are dragging in all the mud. Joy. But still, better than 15 below zero wind chills so I’ll take it.

Had a stellar phone conversation with my MIRA editor about my new romantic suspense series, so I’m totally stoked about that. Will be working on the synopsis for the first book to get that all set up to write the book. SO SO excited about this new series with MIRA.

I’ll be giving away more ARCs of my upcoming release, BOUND BRANDED & BRAZEN, soon. So stay tuned.

I’m currently running 150 miles an hour with my hair on fire. Lots going on this week and I need to sit down and write my ass off. What’s going on with you? Feel free to post your epic randomness, such as weather, movies, life, epic, panic-filled to do list, etc.