A Week Of Vegetarian Meals

I’m married to a rabid meat eater. Meat has to be present in every meal, and if isn’t then there’d better be some serious protein, like eggs.

So when Biker Dude agreed to let me experiment next week by cooking a week’s worth of vegetarian dinners, I was excited.

Believe me, neither of us is going to become vegetarians, but we eat entirely too much meat, especially red meat, so a week without it is going to be good for us.

I still intend to use eggs and plenty of cheese in my cooking next week (oh how we love cheese. Or at least I do :giggle: )

If any of you have any awesome vegetarian dinner recipes, lay them on me. I’m toying with the idea of sharing what I cook each night for dinner next week here on the blog.

Hopefully we’ll make it all week without a run to our favorite burger joint. Heh.