My reading goes in waves. Sometimes I read a lot, sometimes very little. But with summer waning and my television watching pretty nil these past few weeks, I’ve been doing a ton of reading. And I’ve read some spectacular books.

Shannon Stacey’s No Surrender
Roxanne St Claire’s Hunt Her Down
Kate Brady’s One Scream Away
Karen Templeton’s A Mother’s Wish
Karen Templeton’s From Friends To Forever
Karen Templeton’s A Marriage-Minded Man
Nora Roberts Black Hills
Maya Banks The Tycoon’s Secret Affair
Lauren Dane’s Laid Bare

For me that’s a lot of reading because when I’m knee deep in writing a book, my reading usually suffers. So I’m kind of shocked at how much I’ve read over the past couple months. Of course having my iPhone has really upped my reading. Nothing like having instant satisfaction via Amazon Kindle for my iPhone, plus Stanza and eReader, all of which I can use to download books.

I’m thrilled with all these books I’ve read and highly recommend all of them. I love romantic suspense and contemporary romance, which seem to be my favorite genres right now.

So tell me what you’ve been reading this summer and what you’ve loved. I have a lot of books I’ve bought but haven’t read yet. That’s what I love about my iPhone. Always several books sitting there for me to choose from. :boobie: