The Baby Shower

The baby shower for my daughter in law was yesterday, and it was awesome. Nearly everyone invited attended, so my living room was stuffed full of people. And thank God my daughter came home from college to help and brought her friend. They pitched in and did a ton of work and I couldn’t have done it without them. (Thank you Ashley and Kari!).

Jamie (my daughter in law) received so many awesome gifts it took two cars to load them all up:


She was so excited because they need…everything! Even though this is their second child, when they moved out here from California 2 years ago, they sold everything, including all the baby stuff they had, with the exception of the crib. So they were in need of damn near every baby item. She got a ton of stuff, which is great. And they’re heading out to California this week to visit her family, and she’s having another baby shower. Hopefully when they get home they’ll be all set for my new little granddaughter’s arrival in early October.

Here’s me and my daughter in law after the shower (with Biker Dude in the background fiddling with the Harley) :


Isn’t her baby bump adorable? I have to pat little Kaylynn (that’s the upcoming baby’s name) every time I see her. And yes, that’s pink you see in my hair. I got these rockin’ pink highlights put into my hair last week. I love it. My son shook his head when he saw me and said I must be going through my punk rocker phase. Heh. Gotta keep your kids on their toes, ya know. Even after they’re grown. :giggle: