Let’s Talk About Michael Vick

If you don’t know who Michael Vick is or his story, I’ll give you a brief history.

Michael Vick was a football player in the U.S., formerly with the Atlanta Falcons. In 2007 it was discovered he owned and operated a dog fighting venture with a couple other guys. The dogs were seized, the operation shut down,and Vicks and his partners prosecuted and jailed for illegal dogfighting.

Vicks has since been released from prison and yesterday was signed to a new contract by the Philadelphia Eagles.

This pisses me off.


Because the dogfighting operation he and his buddies ran was so horrible, so heinous, it sickens me to even describe it. Some of these poor dogs were used as bait to make the fighting dogs more aggressive. Dogs that didn’t perform up to standard were executed. Dogfighting is brutal and inhumane.

The National Geographic Channel ran a special about Dogtown, a rescue organization that took in 22 of the toughest cases from Michael Vicks dogs and showed their efforts at rehabilitating them. You can click here to read more about Dogtown and the sweet dogs they worked with. The story of these poor abused animals will move you to tears.

There are some who will say he paid for his crime and he should be allowed to go about his business now. I don’t agree.

I have no compassion for Michael Vick. I don’t care that he served time for his crime and is now released. I don’t think he should be allowed to play football and make millions of dollars again. What he did to those dogs was unconscionable. Many of those dogs lost their lives. Why should he be able to pick up where he left off? In my opinion, he hasn’t paid nearly enough yet.

Feel free to disagree with me, of course.