I’m Ready For The New Fall TV Season

Omg could television be any more boring this time of year? There is nothing on right now. All the new summer shows are over and there’s nothing–and I mean nothing–to watch. I’m DYING while waiting for the Fall TV season to start. I miss my old shows and I’m waiting desperately for new stuff to start, too. All I have to say is thank God for Project Runway. Oh and Drop Dead Diva is great too.

Here’s what I’m waiting on to return:

Grey’s Anatomy
CSI (Vegas)
So You Think You Can Dance
The Biggest Loser
America’s Next Top Model
The Mentalist
Private Practice
Sons of Anarchy
How I Met Your Mother
Two And A Half Men
The Big Bang Theory

New shows I’m looking forward to watching:


And these are in the “maybe” camp:

Flash Forward

I know…I watch a lot of TV. I hope my DVR can handle it all :giggle:

Are you missing your shows? Which ones? And which upcoming Fall premieres are you planning to catch? Did I miss anything potentially awesome?