The Family That Tattoos Together….

Okay I don’t have an ending to that sentence. Heh.

Biker Dude, our daughter and I went to get tattoos together last night. Our daughter wanted a new one since last winter and wanted us to go with her and get tats also, so we agreed. I’ve already got a few and so does Biker Dude, so why not? I had originally wanted to get a skull tattoo (y’all know I have this thing for skulls, right? :giggle: ). But in the end, I just didn’t find one I loved enough to have permanent ink on my skin. Fortunately, the fabulous Shannon Stacey and I were talking yesterday morning and she gave me a really good idea, so I modified it a bit and went with it. I decided to incporate something about my writing career, and this is what the tattoo artist and I came up with:


I love it. It’s on the inner side of my left wrist and it’s the first tattoo I have that I can actually see. Most of the others I have are all placed on my back or shoulder so I can never see them. Wheee!

Biker Dude’s tattoo:

The skull is the new one. The one above it is an older one. I love how it turned out!

And our daughter’s tattoo:

Hers turned out so pretty!

We had a lot of fun doing this. Weird family bonding, huh? :giggle: