And Thus Goes My Life Lately…

Ha! I opened this new blog page at 7:30 this morning to do a blog post. It’s now 1:30 central time and I just found it again, buried under 12 other browser pages.

You know how it goes. You grab your cup of coffee in the morning and start surfing the web, reading blogs and emails and Twitter. And suddenly you’re clicking on this link and that link and before you know it you’ve got 24 browser windows open and what you originally set out to do (which was to blog) has been lost.

Or maybe that’s just me :giggle:

Oh, and y’all can forget whatever amazing and informative topic I was going to blog about at 7:30 this morning. Whatever I had in my head then is long gone now. I know…you’re all amazed I can manage to get entire books written, aren’t you? :gah: