What’s Your Dealbreaker?

Philandering husband and SC Governor Mark Sandford has been front and center in the news this past week, acknowledging having an affair with an Argentinian woman, and now admits to even more discretions. Oh but those didn’t ‘cross the line’. Um…right.

Anyway, I don’t want to give the dickhead anymore press than he’s already gotten. I was thinking about this, and about relationships, because hey, I spend the majority of every day writing about relationships, about the push/pull between a couple, and how they manage to find common ground and despite obstacles thrown at them, fall in love.

But then I got to thinking…okay, let’s inject some real life into this whole relationship thing. Everyone views relationships differently. Certainly every couple I’ve written handles their relationship differently, and they’re fictional people. it stands to reason real life people all see things differently too.

So I got to thinking about the kind of woman who would forgive a man for infidelity. You know there are women out there who would. Now whether that’s because they have low self esteem or depend on the man for their way of life or because infidelity in itself isn’t the dealbreaker in the relationship, I don’t know. But I’ve seen plenty of women take their men back after they’ve cheated on them. Me? I wouldn’t be so inclined to do so. But that’s me.

The #1 thing I insist upon is trust. Without it–the relationship is finished. You break trust with your partner one time, and you’re done. How will you ever trust that person again? They can say…hey, trust me. But can you ever believe anything they say is true? How do you know that every word they say to you isn’t a lie? So for me…trust is the dealbreaker in a relationship. I can forgive a lot of things…but you break my trust and it’s over.

So I’m curious about the rest of you. What are your dealbreakers in a relationship? What would you be willing to tolerate, and what would be the one thing that you would never forgive?

Oh, and for the record, my husband is an incredibly honorable man and I trust him 100% with my heart and with my life. :heart: