I know I haven’t been blogging regularly lately.

Here’s why:

Buddy, our lab, had surgery on his leg two weeks ago. This is the 4th time. He had multiple ACL surgeries but was still limping so the doc wanted to be sure one of the bands hadn’t come loose. Plus our daughter works at the vet’s office during her summers off from college, and they love both her and Buddy. Anyway, he just has arthritis so nothing can really be done for him. Problem is the wound abscessed and we’ve been dealing with infection and antibiotics and he’s in the house and an 85 lb dog in my house along with my son’s dog and my 2 little dogs and well…you can just imagine. Here he is…like a moat I have to cross over to get from the kitchen to the dining room:


And then my son brought his dog with him on this visit. Freedom is part German Shepherd, part…well he doesn’t really know. And she’s very afraid of people (She was a shelter dog). But she’s warmed up nicely to all of us, and our dogs. And she’s taken over my sofa, just like my dogs do:

I just want y’all to know that between Buddy and Freedom, I’ve swept up enough dog hair to knit an entire new dog. And I didn’t even include pics of Sam and Lucy, our other dogs. Or #1 son’s two dogs he dumped in our backyard SAturday so they’d be out of his house while they had my granddaughter’s birthday. For awhile there I felt like Animal Planet. For awhile on Saturday we had 8 dogs. Thank God we live on an acre and a half, huh?

So yeah, my granddaughter had a birthday. So of course there was a party:

Pool party. Lots of kids. Thankfully not at my house. :giggle: My baby girl is 6 now.

#2 son (and his dog) were supposed to leave to drive back to California Sunday morning. Except Saturday night we went out to dinner. Biker Dude and I took the bike, and he followed behind in his car. On the way bike, Biker Dude spotted a deer about to dart out in front of us. Fortunately the deer changed its mind. Thankfully. Deer vs Motorcycle is never pretty. But then we didn’t see my son’s car lights behind us so we turned around and found him pulled over on the side of the road. Yeah…the deer darted out into the road anyway and my son hit it:


Needless to say, he didn’t leave Sunday. He needs to get at least a few repairs done to make the car driveable cross country.

And that’s why I haven’t been blogging much. Oh and I’m trying to write a book amidst all this madness. Send chocolate. Or tequila :giggle: