iPhone, Mobile Me and other things

You’ve noticed my tendency to pick a topic and then ramble off topic, right? Okay, then. Let’s carry on. :giggle:

So I have the iPhone 3G and I did the 3.0 upgrade yesterday. Everything went smoothly for me, with no glitches. I haven’t used the cut and paste feature yet, but my son did on his phone and said it’s slick. Yay! I did play with the Voice Memo’s app…haven’t sung into it yet, but trust me, I will. Maybe #2 son and I can do a duet. Wheee!.

What I did do was sign up for Mobile Me, which I’d been pondering but on the fence about, until the 3.0 upgrade included Find My iPhone for Mobile Me. Which means if you lose your phone or it’s stolen, you can use Find My iPhone and it will locate the phone via GPS for you, tell you exactly where it is. So if you’ve left your phone, say, at a restaurant, you can send the phone a message which will pop up on the screen. That way if someone finds it they’ll see “Hey, I left my phone at your restaurant. I’m on my way to pick it up.” Pretty cool huh? Another awesome feature is if your phone is stolen, you can send a remote wipe command and wipe all the data from your phone. Awesome! I have mad love for this feature.

The Mobile Me sync feature just rocks my world. If I type an event or a reminder into the calendar of my Mac, it automatically syncs to my iPhone. If I type a contact name and phone # or email into my iPhone, it automatically syncs to my Mac. I don’t have to manually sync anything. This is amazing because no matter where I am I have access to my calendar, my contacts, and all my email addresses. :boobie:

I haven’t used the Mobile Me email yet because I don’t really know what to do with it or what it’s for.

So onto things not Apple related….

So enjoying having #2 son visit. Especially enjoyed when #1 son and his family came over the other night. You can read my amusement at my blog post today over at Writeminded.

Temps here are in the high 90’s this week. Dude, it’s June,not August. Wtf? I can only imagine how brutal July and August are going to be. Just kill me now.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week. 5 days until TAKEN BY SIN releases! Back to writing for me.