Not So Glamour-ous

I got my issue of Glamour Magazine in the mail yesterday.

I love Glamour, love it for the fashion, the makeup, the products they advertise, and especially the articles about life, health, sex and relationships.

One of the articles was pretty interesting and had me running for my antibacterial hand soap. It was about how gross women are in comparison to men.. A true eye opener, this article. Apparently a high % of women do not brush their teeth before bed. Did you know that bacteria multiples in your mouth at an exponential rate overnight, and germs emit gases that smell like a porta potty. Um…that’s just beyond morning breath. :hide:

Over 50% of the poll takers also re-wear their dirty clothes. You’re kidding me, right? And even worse, they re-wear dirty underwear. Ew Ew Ew Ew and EW! The article got down and dirty about the ecoli problem there. I won’t even go into detail. I’m sure you can imagine. Actually, the article said even rooting around in your hamper isn’t a good thing. I’ll be washing my hands after sorting laundry from now on. *shudder*

There were more, such as Do You Go Barefoot At The Gym, Do You Sit On Public Toilets, Do You Pee In The Shower(apparently this is a good thing because it saves on toilet flushings & thereby saves water, thus saving the environment. Who knew?), Do You Wash Your Hands After Using The Bathroom(another gross out because a high% of women don’t. Ugh Ugh Ugh).

I learn a lot from my Glamour magazine each month. Sometimes things I wish I didn’t know. :giggle: