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LEGEND’S PASSION releases tomorrow from Ellora’s Cave! This is my story from the Forbidden Fantasies hardcover that released last year, so if you didn’t get that book Ellora’s Cave is releasing my story as an individual ebook tomorrow. LEGEND’S PASSION is part of my Devlin Dynasty werewolf series, so I’m very excited to have it released as a single story.

Blurb and excerpt after the jump (contest at the end, too!)

This story is part of the Devlin Dynasty series and is loosely connected to Midnight Velvet.

Dylan Maxwell—code named Legend—an agent for the National Crime Agency, has orders to take down a serial killer tearing apart his victims like a wild animal. He’s to meet his informant in the park, but he doesn’t expect someone like Chantal Devlin—a hot, sultry and sexy woman with a bold proposition. Intrigued, he follows her, only to uncover one very life-changing secret in the dark fog.
Chantal Devlin thinks she’s meeting a fellow werewolf to let off a little steam. All work and no shifting makes a she-wolf very cranky. But when a case of mistaken identity places her in the arms of one hot, sexy man who’s all too human, one passionate encounter leads to a huge mistake that will alter both their lives forever.
Now they’re forced to work together to find a killer, while learning to adapt to the changes brought about by a moment of passion under a full moon.


“Uh-huh.” All the people at the table looked so…normal. They ate, they drank, had normal conversations, even laughed and cracked jokes. Just looking at them one wouldn’t notice anything unusual at all. Did they finish dinner, clear the dishes then turn into wolves and run wild through the parks?

“All your appetites will be more enhanced. Especially at the beginning,” Lamont said. “Food and sex.”

His gaze shot to Chantal, who turned a bright crimson.

“Chantal will see to your sexual needs.”

His brows lifted. “Is that right?”

“Yes. You will have a voracious sexual appetite before the change occurs. She will satisfy all your requirements. Anything you need, just ask her.”

Interesting side benefit. “Tell me about this change.”

“Even now your physiology is changing. All your senses are heightening. You are growing stronger. During the full moon you will complete the transition and shift for the first time. It will be painful. Extremely painful. Chantal will assist you through that too. Trust her, let her help you. Do not leave her side at all for the next few days. It is important you stay here at the compound.”

Dylan’s gaze shot to Lamont. “Wait. Can’t do that. I have a job.”

“It’ll have to wait.” Lamont crossed his arms.

Dylan shook his head. “It can’t wait. I need to leave.” How could he have forgotten his goddamn job? All this shit had messed with his mind. Werewolves and sex and fucked up transformations didn’t matter. A killer was on the loose and he had to find him before he struck again.

“You cannot leave the safety of the compound. You will have to contact your employer and ask for time off.”

“It’s not that simple.” He looked to Noah.

“Lamont, we need a minute in private to discuss this,” Noah said.

Lamont nodded and looked at the others. “Leave us.”

The others rose and exited the room immediately, leaving Dylan, Chantal and Noah alone with Lamont.

“Dylan works for the NCA as an agent. He’s investigating the wolflike murders,” Noah said.

“Oh, I see. Well, that’s rather ironic.” He looked to Dylan. “We have nothing to do with those.”

Dylan steepled his fingers. “Any idea who is?”

“We have thoroughly investigated these killings within our own justice system. It’s no one in our pack. We think it’s a rogue. Definitely a werewolf, though.”

Dylan’s gaze shot to Noah. “Would have been nice if you’d let me know about this before.”

Noah shrugged. “It’s not like we go about revealing our identities to the Feds, man. I couldn’t tell you. Would you have believed me anyway?”

“Not before last night.” Shit. “I still have to do my job. I was in the park last night because I was supposed to meet an informant. Some woman with dark hair who had a lead for me. I thought Chantal was the informant.”

Lamont looked at Chantal.

“Don’t give me that look,” she said. “I didn’t even know about these murders until Noah told me about them this morning.”

Dylan stood. “I have calls to make, leads to follow up on. I’m on assignment here. I need to report in to the NCA or they’ll be sending a shitload of field agents to look for me. You don’t want that. Let me go do my job.”

Lamont sighed. “Very well. But I want Noah and Chantal with you at all times. And they do have the inside track on the werewolf population here in the area as well as around the country. They can be of use to you.”

Dylan shrugged. “If it’s okay with them, it’s fine by me.”

Lamont looked to Chantal.

“I can take a few days off work. I just finished a case.”

“I’m free for a few too,” Noah said.

“Good,” Lamont said. “We do, of course, require your discretion in this and would appreciate you not notifying the government of the existence of werewolves.”

“Considering my current predicament, it would be a death warrant to my career. You have my word.”

Lamont nodded. “And night of the full moon, Dylan, you come back here for the change. It’s dangerous for you to be out there.”


“Then it’s settled.” He stood. “Chantal will see to any of your other needs and questions. If you require anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

After he left the room, Dylan turned to Noah. “Doesn’t he remind you of Lurch?”

Noah snorted. “He’s a little dry and humorless, yeah.”

“More like those movie vampire types than a werewolf if you ask me.”

“And just what are our ‘types’?” Chantal asked.

“Not sure yet. Y’all seem pretty normal to me. Except for the snarling and biting.”

“You haven’t seen the half of it yet,” she said with a half smile.

“Show me.” He tilted back in his chair and laced his fingers over his stomach.

“Uh, yeah. That’s my clue to leave before I get icked out.” Noah stood. “You need me, Chantal, buzz my phone. I’m going out but I’ll be nearby.”

“I need to make some calls,” Dylan said.

“Make your calls,” Noah said. “You won’t be going out for a few hours.”

“Why’s that?”

“Urges, my man,” Noah replied with a snicker as he walked out. “Urges.”

Dylan turned back to Chantal. “I feel like there’s a private joke I’m not privy to.”

“Sexual urges. Now that you’ve eaten, they’ll be hitting you shortly. Better make your calls.” She stood. “I’ll be in my room.”

“Naked? Legs spread? How nice of you to act like a whore for me during this transition.”

She pushed calmly back from the table and leaned over him, her mouth inches from his, her gaze boring into his. “Guess I deserved that since I put you in this predicament. But get this straight. I’m no man’s whore, Dylan. I’m doing this out of guilt and pack responsibility. Nothing more. When you’re ready and the urge hits, I’ll be ready to take care of it for you, because that’s what I’m supposed to do. Don’t assume I’ll derive any pleasure from it.”

She turned on her heel and walked out of the room.

Well, that was strangely unsatisfying. But goddammit, he didn’t choose to be a werewolf. Sex kitten Chantal Devlin had decided she wanted a romp in the park, took a bite out of him and as a result his whole life had changed overnight.

Didn’t he deserve to be a little pissed off about that?

As far as her not getting any pleasure out of fucking him? Huh. He’d see about that.


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