Epic Rains and Thematic Shopping

So, it’s spring in Oklahoma, and that means it’s monsoon season. Day after day after day after day of nonstop rains of biblical proportions. Think I’m kidding? Take a look:


That was my yard on Friday during one of the deluges. It all subsides when the rain stops. If ever the rain stops.

This morning it’s not raining. Much. We might have one or two dry days next week.

I really miss the sun. 😥

So feeling claustrophic and stuck in the house, Biker Dude and I trekked out and about this weekend. We went to the mall Friday, then to a few biker events on Saturday – no, not on the bike because it was, of course, raining. And then we went to the gun show. During all my expeditions, I picked up a few things.

Anyone care to guess the theme here?

Yeah, y’all know I have this thing for skulls :giggle:

Hope you all are having a dry and sunny weekend, and if you are, I’m oh so jealous.