I’m Ready For Re-Run Season

Those who know me and know me well know I’m a compulsive TV watcher. I watch a LOT of television. And by the time May rolls around, I’m just flat out tired of juggling the DVR. Frankly, I’m ready for rerun season.

Take last night for example. American Idol and The Biggest Loser were on at the same time, and then I run American Idol overtime so I can catch the last part because it always runs long, and The Biggest Loser runs for 2 hours. But then The Mentalist comes on. So at some point there are 3 shows running simultaneously. And my DVR can only tape two shows at at time. And I can’t even watch the Dancing With The Stars results show because that would be another show running in the same time period. Conflict! Ugh.

Wednesdays we have America’s Next Top Model competing with the American Idol results show and Life, which fortunately has already had it’s season finale so no conflict there.

And then there’s Thursday nights with Survivor and CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. :sigh:

We won’t even get into Monday nights. Thankfully the new season of The Bachelor doesn’t start until mid-May, otherwise I’d be DVR shuffling on that night too.

And I didn’t list some of the other shows I watch. I know, it’s a mystery how I get books written, isn’t it? :giggle: