The Big Reveal!

Yes, it’s time to reveal the prize I’ve been hinting at for over a month now.

I really enjoyed reading all your guesses to the tease pics I put up. But not one of you got it right. :giggle:

This is one of FOUR prizes I’ll be giving away during my RIDING ON INSTINCT contest which starts this coming Monday, March 9th:


It’s a Harley Davidson purse, retail value $100. It’s rockin awesome and I want to keep it, but Biker Dude says I can’t because I bought it expressly for this giveaway and I have to give it away. Damn him.

I can’t wait for the contest to start Monday. I have awesome grand prizes, as well as daily book prizes. And ARCs! I have ARCs from some of my favorite authors! You don’t want to miss this.