Four great prizes as well as daily prizes in a month long contest!

Contest details after the jump:

For visual purposes, here’s the Purse from Harley Davidson that’s part of the big prize giveaway:
harley-purse-1 harley-purse2

The purse is awesome. There are tiny skulls in the fabric. I love it. It will be difficult to give this purse away. You know how much I love skulls. Heh.

Copy the code (click on ’share’) of the graphic above and post it to your blog, Facebook, Myspace, Website, whereever you want to share it. Add a link to my blog from your blog, Facebook, Myspace, wherever you put the graphic, and say “Click here to enter The Riding On Instinct contest”.

Come back here and reply to this post with a link to your blog entry or wherever you’ve posted the graphic and your answer to the following question: If you could hop on a motorcycle, where would you go?

If for some reason you are unable to post the graphic, don’t worry. Just blog about my contest or post about it on Facebook or Myspace or in a group somewhere. Just tell me where you’ve posted about it and provide a link to it, even if I can’t go there to check it out. But the first preference is to share the link. That’s what this contest is all about. It’s how I want to get the word out not only about the contest, but about RIDING ON INSTINCT.

I will draw the Grand Prize Winners on April 6th. Everyone who enters here (enters correctly, that is), will be eligible to win one of the 4 prizes listed in the graphic above. Authors are eligible too, so play along!

I’m also going to be giving away prizes every day (Monday through Friday) during the contest. So March 9th through April 6th, I’ll give away a prize every single day (except weekends). Be sure to come here every day to enter. I’ll not only be giving away some of my books, I’ll also be giving away books from some of my favorite authors. And some of my favorite authors have offered up ARCS of their books. I’ll be giving away ARCs from Maya Banks, Lauren Dane, Jeri Smith Ready, Sydney Croft, Charlene Teglia, and HelenKay Dimon. So come back daily!

And you’ll have to return the next day to see if you’ve won the previous day’s contest. This contest is going to be incredibly time consuming, so I won’t have time to hunt down winners. If you win here, I’ll post your name. You’ll have a few days to contact me. If you don’t I’ll redraw a new winner.

The Rules and Other Things

You must be at least 18 to enter! By entering this contest you’re saying that you are at least 18 years of age. RIDING ON INSTINCT is an erotic romance. Some of the other books I’ll be giving away are erotic romance. You must be 18 to win. Period.

I’m afraid I cannot purchase GCs for book retailers outside of the U.S. So if the prize winner for the bookstore of your choice is outside the U.S., we’ll figure something out. Also, most of the book a day winners prizes will be shipped directly from Amazon because I’m lazy and don’t want to accumulate a month’s worth of books to mail out and I hate the post office. Heh. But don’t worry if you’re an international reader, because I like everyone to be involved and eligible, even my international readers. So if you win and you live outside the U.S., we’ll make it work somehow.

You can win more than one book. I will draw randomly. Whoever wins, wins. I have no control over that. So if your number comes up more than once, lucky you!

You must answer the posed question in your reply to be entered. This is supposed to be fun!
Other authors are totally eligible to enter. Authors are readers too, after all.

Just don’t forget to a) Share the graphic above, b) Come back here and link to where you shared the graphic, and c) Answer the question: If you could hop on a motorcycle, where would you go?

(Note: Some contest verbiage here blatantly stolen from the fabulous Anya Bast because she did her contest so well and I’m lazy and hey, why mess with perfection?)

This post will stay first on my blog all month long, so be sure to look below for the daily contests!

Good luck!

Edited to Add: Please be patient if you post a comment and it doesn’t appear right away. My blog has a tendency to want to moderate some comments or dump them into spam. I’m on it and i’ll pull them out of moderation or spam and make sure they get posted!