March 18 Book Giveaway


Another ARC giveaway today, this one from the oh so talented HelenKay Dimon. HelenKay has offered up an ARC of her March 31st release, IT’S HOTTER IN HAWAII.

HelenKay writes oh so fun and sexy contemporary romances. If you haven’t read her books yet, you are really missing out! You can read about IT’S HOTTER IN HAWAII here



Cassie Montgomery was in no mood for messing Around—until she got an eyeful of the sizzling-hot miscreant breaking into her half-brother Dan’s Hawaii home. Turns out he’s not a criminal, but a friend who’s just as suspicious of Dan’s “accident al” death as she is. Cassie’s beyond tired of bashing heads with thick-skulled local law enforcement, so there’s only one thing for it: team up with Caleb Wilson, and try to keep her secrets—and hands—to herself…

Having a gun trained on him is nothing new for Cal. But when said gun is brandished by a goddess sporting short-shorts, a bad attitude, and a hidden agenda? A man should consider his choices very carefully. Option one: Seduce first, ask questions later. Option two: Find out why she’s in his Air Force buddy’s torn-up house, then seduce her. Option three: Let the islands do their work and let the woman behind the weapon seduce him…

HelenKay sets a lot of her books in Hawaii. And since I have mad love for Hawaii, that totally works for me. Makes me want to hop a plane and take a trip to the islands. Admittedly, Hawaii is one of my absolutely favorite vacation spots. Great people, the smell of the flowers rock my world, the ocean is amazing. Plus hot sun, sandy beaches, Mai Tais, shopping, whale watching, snorkeling…..

Oh yeah…contest. :giggle:

So for a chance to win this book, let’s go on vacation today. Pick your favorite or dream vacation spot. Where would you go and why?

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Because my blog is being a giant pain in the ass and holding comments in moderation and in spam and it takes me a bit to go find them, I’m going to choose winners at the end of every week, on Saturday, instead of every day. So check back every Saturday to see if you’re one of the weekly book winners. Because I’m not going to hunt the winners down. You have to come here to see if you’ve won and then contact me with your info (Other than ARCS being sent by the authors offering them, I’ll be shipping all the winning books directly from Amazon). Otherwise, come back every day for a new book giveaway. And don’t forget the grand prize contest plus all the rules about the daily contest giveaways here