Vegas Highlights

We’re home! Exhausted. I hate flying, but at least all our flights were on time. I have a Mount Laundry pile right now that could be the star of its own horror film. Really, how can two people create that much dirty laundry in four days?

We had a great time. It’s always fun to hang out with my bff Angie, got to spend some time with her hubby, and of course it’s always great when Biker Dude and I can get away, shut down work mode and just have some fun. We both really needed that.

We walked the strip, though not all that much since Biker Dude and I have been to Las Vegas before. We did a lot…a LOT of walking. Mostly at malls. Heh. And holy crap does Vegas have a lot of outlet malls. Must have missed that my other trips to Vegas when I was busy gambling. This time I contributed by doing the mall circuit. Here’s a pic of Angie and me doing what we do best…shopping! (I’m pretty sure she bought more than I did….)


Biker Dude and I went to Hoover Dam which I’d never seen before, and also took a nice desert drive. The weather was beautiful so we walked across the dam. They’re building a new road over the dam so soon you won’t be able to drive over it anymore. Here we are on the dam:

Then the four of us went to Fremont Street where we found a great biker bar called Hogs and Heifers. It’s very much like a Coyote Ugly bar. Bras hanging from the top of the bar, female bartenders in jeans or short shorts and leather bras, lots of beer spilling, bar top dancing, loud music and raucous entertainment.

Here’s a pic of the bartenders dancing:


And then Angie and I got up on the bar to dance, too:



Okay, so this was the highlight of the trip for me, mainly because at my *cough*advanced age*cough*, I could actually get UP onto the bar. Hey, the damn thing was chest high. So…huge accomplishment. Actually it was tons of fun.

And now I’m exhausted and have to go wrestle with laundry and galleys. Back to real life.
Did I miss anything exciting around blogland while I was gone?