Reality TV Recap

So Monday was THE BACHELOR and the hometown dates week. Interesting stuff to say the least. I really like Jillian a lot, liked her even more after meeting her family. Her grandma cracked me up with those boxers. I think Jason likes Jillian a lot too. But does he like her the best? Hmmm…we’ll see.

Molly? Meh. She bores me. And wtf was up with the hats? I just don’t see a lot of chemistry between her and Jason.

Naomi. O-M-G. Best hometown date since that one chick hired actors to play her parents (was that Matt’s season? That killed me!). Anyway, Naomi’s mom is a freakin fruitcake with the hula hoops and talks about reincarnation and the whole dead dove burial scene was a scream. And then Naomi’s dad preaching to Jason about whether or not he’s found Jesus? Dude…Jason is Jewish. Poor Jason. He couldn’t get out of that house fast enough. Kiss of death for Naomi. Do all parents have to be tools? Naomi’s sure were. I felt sorry for her.

And then we get to Melissa. Now obviously Jason has a thing for Melissa. But what’s up with her? I liked her a lot up til this week. Girl is hiding something. I mean fine that her parents didn’t want to be on national tv. I probably wouldn’t want to do it either. But her friends haven’t met her parents either? That’s just…weird. Something’s off about that.

I chalk a lot of this up to editing too. Reality Steve says he has blowout news about the finale that will shock everyone, because everyone who has dissected the screencaps of the show so far are convinced it’ll be Melissa. You can read Reality Steve’s blog here. I can’t wait for the finale to see what shocks us. (Hey, I love this show. Go ahead…shock me. :giggle: )

Now onto AMERICAN IDOL. This week they picked the final 36 (36? Do we really have to have 36? What happened to 24? 24 was already too many. Ugh.)

While they did choose some of my absolute favorites (Adam from SF and Danny Gokey definitely have pipes), not sure about some of those people they chose. And come on…they didn’t choose Jamar? He rocked. I nearly cried when they said no to him. They choose people who can’t remember song lyrics and they don’t choose Jamar? It’s all about the ratings, not the singing. And Tatiana the giggling screamer is already on my last frickin nerve. I don’t care how good she sings. They chose her for the drama queen factor and because she cries 845 times a day. I usually agree with everyone they choose and don’t choose. Not this year.

It’s going to be an interesting season.

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