My Superbowl Report

So last night was the Superbowl, the ultimate in American football (which is football, not soccer which is played over the pond).

Anyway, Biker Dude and I didn’t party. I cooked pasta and it was just the two of us, which considering what a busy weekend we had was fine with me. Then we settled in to watch the commercials game. Okay, so fine. I didn’t care that much about that game since I wasn’t invested in either team. Though I’m a big fan of football…put on a good show and I’m in.

I thought the game was okay…kinda meh until the 4th quarter when the Cardinals finally showed up to play. Decent ending with lots of drama.

The commercials this year were disappointing. Best commercial in my opinion was done by First, I love Alec Baldwin. And second, he had me lmao over the whole alien thing.

The worst commercial? Had to be the one for If you’re a romance novel writer or reader, I can’t imagine you’ll ever be using their services. I know I won’t.

But of course my absolute favorites? Movie trailers. I actually squeed at this one for the second Transformers movie.

And after I watched it I went to YouTube to watch it again. And again. And while I don’t go to the movie theaters often, I will go to watch this. And I will buy it on video. Yes, I am unabashedly a geek and a kid. :giggle:

There were also movie trailers for Pixar’s Monsters vs Aliens which looks awesome (Biker Dude and I watch a lot of kid movies, and not just when our granddaughter is over…heh), and of course the new Star Trek movie which I’m really looking forward to. (see aforementioned geek and kid).

Hey, you can’t be a grownup all the time. What’s the fun in that?