It’s Been An Odd Week

So Monday was a holiday, though not for me. I got some writing done that day, which was good. Sort of. Because I’m starting the love scene, which always wracks/racks (I can never figure out which is the right word to use in this instance) my brain in a major way and takes several days to write. Love scenes are so much more than Insert Peg A into Slot B. There’s emotion and what is Character A thinking and how does Character B feel and how is this going to change the dynamic of their relationship? Whew! Really…love scenes are hard and take me the longest to write of anything in a story.

And then Tuesday was the inauguration and I so got nothing done that day. My eyes were glued to the television from 7 a.m. until the Inaugural Balls late that night. A stellar day! But oh so unproductive for this writer.

Then yesterday, Angie and I were talking and she throws out this idea and says she wants someone to write it. Well, it’s a freakin’ brilliant idea. Damn her. So I ended up spending the entire day researching and making notes for a potential trilogy. I shot the blurbs off to my agent this morning, so we’ll see what she thinks. Oh,and Angie, I hate you and I love you both because I lost an entire day of productivity yesterday, but thank you for the stellar idea. :angie:

So today it’s back to writing. And no, I haven’t finished the love scene yet. In fact, as I read back through 3 or 4 pages I thought they sucked, so I deleted them. Forward, dumbass, not backward. :gah:

Hope your week is going well.