Today Is My Husband’s Birthday

You would think he’d be milking it for all it’s worth, being catered to hand and foot, ass firmly planted on his chair in the family room, remote in hand.


Uh…no. That’s not the way Biker Dude rolls.


This morning he went to the tire store to have a new back tire put on the Harley. Important stuff, ya know, cuz we have a toy run tomorrow (Let’s hope the 45 mph winds die down by then.)

And right now he’s underneath our daughter’s car working on her brakes.

Just another day for the man.

Though his momma did bake him a coconut cream pie–from scratch, cuz that’s how she rolls (and I do love her for it).

And me? I made him a chocolate cake–from the box, cuz that’s how I roll. :giggle:


And we are taking him out to dinner tonight, so there will be rewards at the end of a hard working day.


Happy Birthday babe. I love you. :heart: