This and That

Had tons of fun on Raven Radio last night with Mandy and Michelle, though I’m sure I babbled.Thanks so much to those who came and listened!

The awesome and wonderful bestselling author Nalini Singh has put up an exclusive excerpt of RIDING TEMPTATION on her blog! Go forth and check it out here! (Thank you Nalini!)

And the fabulous Christine of The Romantic Life blog read and reviewed RIDING TEMPTATION. You can read her review here. Also, yesterday was her birthday so if you stop by to read the review, be sure to offer up belated birthday wishes! (She’s also giving away a copy of RIDING WILD on her blog as her birthday gift to her readers. Click here to go to her birthday post and enter to win RIDING WILD). Thank you for the amazing review, Christine! :doglick:

Tonight is the Vice Presidential debate. I’m so excited. I have to tell you, though I don’t blog politics, this is the most exciting election year on record. I hope those of you who are eligible to vote do so and make your voices heard. I’ll be on the sofa with Biker Dude tonight, popcorn in hand, watching the debate. I think it’ll be more exciting than Survivor :giggle: