The Weekend


So I was sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee around 8:30 Saturday morning when the doorbell rang.

It was Fedex. With revisions from Berkley for RIDING ON INSTINCT, the third book in my Wild Riders series. It’s set to release in April, 2009.

Not exactly the way I planned to spend my weekend, but I dug in and worked my revisions. Now they’re done!

I also played with a couple recipes from Pioneer Woman’s website (omg…best site ever for just about anything. Stories about ranching life, incredible pictures, and cooking!)

I made Spicy Shrimp and Chocolate Sheet Cake. So not low calorie food, by the way. But omg…yumm!

The only other break I had from those wicked revisions was to watch my Oklahoma Sooners beat the Kansas Jayhawks in college football. And what the hell, Missouri? You’re supposed to be awesome. You sucked against Texas, dammit. I REALLY wanted Texas to get beat. (I see Ohio St moved up in the polls a couple spots, Limecello :giggle: )

So with revisions out of the way, this week I’ll be working on my novella, which is also part of the Wild Riders series.

What’s on your agenda this week?

And don’t forget we’re down to our last couple days of the Writeminded Readers Appreciation Party! The grand prize drawing will be held mid week! Still time to play. :boobie: