Best Lasagna Ever


I made Pioneer Woman’s Best Lasagna Ever today. And it really was the best lasagna I ever made. Yummmm. Here’s the recipe if you want to check it out. I used regular sausage instead of hot, and substituted italian seasoning for the dried parsley and dried basil and it turned out great.

I do most of my major cooking on the weekends. During the week I make easy stuff like frozen foods or whatever takes less than a half hour to put together,mainly because I’m writing and by the end of the day I’m tired. So on the weekends I like to cook, because on the weekends I take time off from the busy writing day (usually). And then I’ll make some of my standard favorites, but every now and then I’ll experiment with new recipes, which is also a lot of fun because then some new things, like this lasagna, will become an old favorite and I’ll make it again and again.

Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend! Biker Dude and I have been trading headaches all weekend. Mold count is really high here in Oklahoma and we’re thinking that’s what’s giving us wicked sinus headaches. We’re hoping the freeze that’s supposed to come tomorrow night will kill the mold. Fingers crossed because really…hating these headaches!  And thanks for all your nice comments about the migraine. Hate those too and I appreciate your support! :heart: