Monday, Monday

I have a case of the disappearing weekend. Where did it go? What did I do? And now it’s Monday again.

We went to Arkansas on Saturday. The Harley store there had demo rides and Biker Dude wanted to test ride some of the other bikes. So we took a day trip and had a great time. Sadly, I left my favorite sweater in a restaurant between here and there. 😥 . Now I need to replace it.

Sunday was all about laundry and NASCAR. But I made the mistake of lying down on the sofa and I slept during the last 100 laps. (Note to self: Nap during pre-race, not the end of the race).

Anyone watch the Emmy Awards last  night? Biker Dude commented that we don’t really watch a lot of the shows that were award winners. So maybe our TV watching tastes are….obscure. Or eclectic.  Oh well.

This week it’s all about revisions. Yes, still. I’m really hoping to finish it up this week. Fingers crossed.

How was your weekend? And what’s on your agenda this week?