Went to see WANTED yesterday.

This. Movie. Was. HOT! Loved it. Omg loved it. Action, guns, James McAvoy, action, bloodshed, Angelina Jolie, guns, bloodshed, action, nonstop thrills, action, guns….

Seriously. It was filled with awesomeness. Visually, the action scenes are amazing, one of those ‘I can’t wait to see this again’ kind of movies. James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie do some incredible stunts (and are also pretty to look at…heh). And Morgan Freeman is in it and he just rocks my world. There are mutliple plot twists and turns, but really, if you’re looking for ‘reality’ in your movie, don’t seek out WANTED. It’s pure make believe….and oh so much fun.

Did I mention I loved this movie? :sasmokin: