Reason #4978 Why I Love My Editor

It’s no secret to anyone who’s known me for awhile that my Samhain editor, Angie James and I go way back. Way back to before she started with Samhain. She and I laugh together. A lot.Usually about stupid shit. She has a wicked weird sense of humor like I do.

So today they(they being TPTB at Samhain) were working on the HOLIDAY SEDUCTION cover, which contains my Samhain novella, UNWRAPPED, and Lauren Dane’s Samhain novella, TO DO LIST. This book will be coming out in print this November, and we needed to finalize the cover, which meant getting a quote for the cover like…uh…right NOW.

Needless to say that wasn’t going to happen, so Lauren in her ultimate brilliance suggested Angie do the quote.

Sure wish we could really use this one. Don’t you just love it? :giggle:

And no, this isn’t the final cover. Unless Nora miraculously shows up and says, Hey, go for it! (A girl can always hope, ya know.)

Come on. Nora wouldn’t mind her name on the heroine’s left boob, would she?