Disney vs M.A.C.

(And no, we’re not talking a Mac computer here, either)

Last night we babysit our almost 5 year old granddaughter for awhile. So we hung out, had dinner, colored, played, then settled in to watch MEET THE ROBINSONS.

Until Ashley, our 19 year old daughter came over.

Now Michelle, our granddaughter, thinks Ashley is like this goddess who walks on water. The world comes to a complete stop whenever she’s around. Ashley stopped by to take a shower and get ready so she could go out night bowling with her friends.

You know what this meant, of course. As soon as Ashley started doing girlie things and dragged out the ‘makeup’, any hope of a Disney movie was lost.

Biker Dude got up and started paying bills. Michelle was lost in the world of eyeliner, blush, blowdryers and nail polish with her aunt.

Guess who was left watching MEET THE ROBINSONS?

Yes. Me.

It’s a really cute movie. I enjoyed it. :giggle: