It’s a holiday weekend, and that means extra time for all kinds of fun stuff.

Of course we’ll probably take the bike out for a ride since the weather is supposed to be nice. Woo hooo! :charlie:

Annnnd, the rodeo is in town. Time to slap on the jeans, slide on the boots and put on my cowgirl hat, because there’s nothing like watching a rodeo cowboy in tight jeans and chaps:

Yippie Ki Yay! Research! :giggle:

Sunday will be stay at home day to watch the Indy 500 and the Coca Cola 600 races. Vroom Vroom!

And there’ll be barbequing and beer sometime this weekend. I plan to relax a bit, clean my house, do a little shopping, lots of race watching, and of course, ogling of the aforementioned cowboys at the rodeo. :boobie:

Throughout all this three day weekend of celebrating, I also intend to remember those I love who have passed on. They may not be here anymore, but I never forget them. It’s not just this weekend that I remember, but always. :heart:

What’s on tap for you this weekend?