There are honest people

So yes, I’m starting to resurface from my busy week.

Biker Dude had a local conference this week, which meant me by his side for some hospitality suite events. The cool thing was the event meeting were at one of our local casino hotels (this event moves from district to district each year. This year it was in our town).

So anyway, Biker Dude and I took advantage of being at the casino, because we enjoy gambling. We don’t do it to excess, though. We take the amount of money we’re willing to ‘lose’ (because dude…we always end up losing it. heh) and when it’s gone, we’re done.

Anyway, last night I was working the slot machines (actually, they were working me, but that’s another story). I got up and moved to another one a few steps away. When I went to grab more money about 20 minutes later, I dipped into my purse and my stomach dropped to my feet.

No wallet in my purse.

My first thought of course was OH SHIT. I had my purse in my lap when I went to grab cash out of it, and instead of dropping my wallet back into my purse, I must have dropped it onto my lap or onto the floor. (Feel free to call me a flaming dumbass. I did. Several times :dumbass: )

In a blind panic, I jump from my seat and said in a loud voice that I’d lost my wallet.

A guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I’d misplaced my wallet. I said I had.

He said he’d found it on the floor and given it to one of the floor employees who was filling up the machines. He pointed her out and I thanked him profusely and ran over to her. She gave me my wallet. I flipped it open. Everything was there. I had a good amount of cash in there, all my credit cards and my bank card.

Everything. Still. There.

The dude could have grabbed the cash and dropped the wallet. Hell, he could have grabbed the credit cards too. He took nothing.

I was actually stunned.

Just when you think the human race has gone to shit, you find there are nice, honest people out there.

So to the guy at Cherokee Casino last night who found my wallet and turned it in, you just earned some heaven points. :heart: