Reality Week Recap

If you’ve Tivo’d all your favorite reality shows this week, beware. There be spoilers ahead.


First, The Bachelor. This week was The Women Tell All, i.e. they drag the end of the series out another week to suck up more money from the sponsors. Really, a boring show and nothing new revealed. So what do you think? Will he choose Shayne or Chelsea? I think Shayne is a little young for him, but I really like her. Something about Chelsea bugs me. Maybe it’s her issues with public displays of affection. We’ll see how it goes.

American Idol. Finally, America gets it right and sends Jason Castro home, who really wanted to go home anyway according to his interview last week in Entertainment Weekly. Think he purposely forgot the lyrics to Mr. Tambourine Man? I don’t know. Maybe. Either way, I’m not sorry to see him go. Final three next week and you never know how the voters are going to vote. I see a David vs David finale, but I’ve been surprised before. I love David Cook, but not sure he should win. He might be better letting some producer pick him up independently so he can record what he wants.

America’s Next Top Model – finally, Dominique is gone. She was getting on my last nerve. Actually I didn’t think any of them stood out at the photo shoot this week, though Anya did take a gorgeous picture. I really like all three of the girls remaining, so it should be fun to see who wins.

Survivor – I was falling off the sofa last night from laughing so hard.

What flaming dumbass gives up Immunity when you’re locked in with it and heading into the finale? Oh yeah…Erik. That flaming dumbass. O-M-G. Even the jury was open mouthed and laughing at him. He has to be the dumbest player to ever play this game. And the four women left standing are freakin brilliant. I applaud them all. I can’t wait for the finale because they’ve played it well.

Thoughts, opinions, disagreements?