Holiday Weekend Checklist

Cleaned the house – check

Grocery shopped – check

Napped -check (mutliple times)

Went to the rodeo – check

Made homemade potato salad – check

Barbecued chicken – check

Hung out with my family – check

Read two books – check

Watched the Indy 500 – check

Watched the Coca Cola 600 – check

Went out to breakfast – check

Made the rounds at a couple cemetaries – check

I did no writing. Zero, zilch, nada. Did not work on galleys that arrived last week. In short, I did nothing work related all weekend. I needed a damn few days off. And oh, did I enjoy it.


Hope your weekend was good.

If anyone’s looking for me this week, I’ll be at my desk until my eyes bleed, paying for taking those few days off. :chair: