Edits and Idol and Dancing and Auction

Revisions and Copyedits for The Ties That Bind are finished, so another project off my desk. :cheer:

Back to Riding On Instinct. Smokin hot bikers…yummm… :sasmokin:

Don’t forget you can still bid on hundreds of items in Brenda Novak’s Auction for Diabetes Research, including mine, autographed copies of my Demon Hunter books plus an ARC of THE DARKEST TOUCH. Only 10 days left so get your bids in on the items of your choice! :boobie:

American Idol final performances were last night. It was…interesting, to say the least. I’m a huge David Cook fan. I thought he did well. Was it his best performance of the season? I don’t think so. Should he win? Yes, I think so. Though I’m sure there will be thousands who disagree, because David Archuleta was really good last night. I just think he lacks maturity and a genre right now. But I’m probably wrong, David A will win, and David C will make a smokin hot CD that will sell tons. Still, fun to watch and I’ll be glued to the finale tonight anyway.

I couldn’t help but think the judges were trying to manipulate the outcome with their comments last night. Maybe the producers already know how they want this to play out. David A with the win, David C already with the lock on making a marketable CD. But who knows. Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Slezak had a great writeup about the whole thing. You can read about it here.

So who do you want to win?

Dancing With the Stars finale was last night, and Kristi Yamaguchi won it all. Finally, after what–3 or 4 Seasons–a woman finally takes the prize again. Now Jason was one stellar hottie and a damn fine dancer, but Kristi was better and deserved to win. If she didn’t, I think they should have renamed the show Dancing With The (Sports) Stars. Fortunately, the show got it right and they won’t have to rename it now. Heh.

So…onto So You Think You Can Dance. Thankfully the networks keep me immersed in reality shows so I don’t go through withdrawals in the summer. :giggle: