I’ve Been Invaded

By these:

Ants. In my house. In my kitchen. And my bathroom.


We’ve had a crapload of rain this spring, and when it comes down, it comes down in sheets. Clearly the ants weren’t happy about the minor monsoon season outside, so decided to take refuge inside. In my house.

Which makes me not happy. I’ve been fighting these bastards for two weeks now, to no avail. I’ve kept dishes out of the sink, no food is left out, everything is sealed up tight. It’s hard to cook when every time I put food down on my counter they come running like eager puppies.


Yesterday we found this new stuff that’s supposed to kill them, made with sugar and Borax. It attracts them, they eat it, take it to the nest and die. Biker Dude put it down and the ants went to partying all over it like it was lines of cocaine. I leaned on the counter and watched them swarm it, a huge grin on my face. Oh yeah. Party down, dudes. (i.e., die, you bastards, die).

My life is so interesting, isn’t it?

I. Hate. Ants.