Mid Week Stuff

Sometimes the weeks just fly by. It’s hump day already!

Go visit my pal Gena Showalter! She’s talking about Riding Wild today and you have a chance to win the book!

I’m busily Sweating with Sven (the 70 day writing challenge), so pretty much have my head down and hands on the keyboard, churning out word count. The book is going pretty well so far, thankfully. I need to finish the rough draft by the end of this month, because I need to start another one right away. Ack. Busy busy here.

I also spent some time yesterday brainstorming a book with my Berkley editor. That was fun. And we did some rewriting of back cover copy for one of my Wild Riders books. Also fun stuff and a nice break from writing.

Anyone watching American Idol? I’ll be glad when they whittle the field down a bit. Some of these people are painful to watch. I already have a few favorites. The guys were on last night. Some were good, others…not so good. Can’t wait to see the girls tonight.

And did anyone watch the first season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Omg I loved that show! It’s a takeoff on the Terminator movies, and absolutely true to the movie ARC. Biker Dude and I really enjoyed it. Summer Glau was fantastic as a terminator. I hope they renew it for a new season. I want more!

And yes, I write at night while watching TV…my day is long. :giggle:

What’s up with y’all this week?