Men men men men men

HelenKay Dimon did a blog post yesterday about Manly men. Men who talk like real men in romance novels (and this is why we love them :giggle:). She was so right on, and she posted a snippet of dialogue from one of her books that was fabulous! Go read it.

Which got me thinking about the men in my books. I posted on her blog that my husband reads and edits all my books. He gives me a sound smackdown if my men start sounding like women. He’s realllly good at making sure my guys talk and act like guys. I’m ever so thankful for that.

And since RIDING WILD releases in under 4 weeks from Berkley Heat, here’s a little snippet of Mac, the hero in Riding Wild, acting like a man:

No telephone. How could he live out in this remote area and not have a telephone in his kitchen or bedroom? She eased the door to his room closed and tiptoed upstairs. There were two bedrooms and one bath up here, but she already knew what she’d find. Or, rather, not find. The first bedroom was empty, the bathroom was useless and Mac was in the third room.

“No, there are no telephones here,” Mac said, obviously reading the frustration on her face.

“How can he live out here and not have a phone?”

Mac grinned. “He has a cell. And he keeps it on him.”

Dammit. The fates were clearly conspiring against her. Well, them and the men.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Mac said. “Care to join me?”

Lily laughed. “As tempting as that sounds, I don’t think so. Not with Tom downstairs cooking a meal for us.”

“He’ll keep it warm.” He took a step forward.

Lily took a step back. “You go first. I’ll shower when you’re finished. Does Tom have a washer and dryer?”

Mac nodded.

“Good. I need to wash some of our clothes.”

“Now you’re thinking practical things. I like it when you think about sex, instead.”

“You just prefer me distracted so I won’t try to find a phone or ask you any questions.”

“Well, yeah.” He moved forward again, this time pinning her between his body and the wall, leaving her no escape.

A sharp awareness and a swelling heat rushed through her. Just like that, thoughts of laundry and telephones and Tom cooking downstairs were lost. Mac’s eyes went dark, his focus only on her. He skimmed his hand across her shoulder, down her arm, moving to her waist.

“Mac. I’m not stupid, you know.”

Just being near him was a distraction, and she couldn’t deny it.

“Of course you’re not stupid. That’s why I have to keep distracting you with my dick.”