Christmas Movies

I love Christmas movies. Nothing gets me in the spirit more than The Grinch (both the 30 minute cartoon and the Jim Carey movie version), A Christmas Story, White Christmas, It’s A Wonderful LIfe and more.

We just watched Love, Actually last night. I’ve been madly in love with this movie since it first came out and had to have it to watch over and over again. Now it’s become another holiday favorite, destined to become a classic.

My sons and I used to love watching Christmas movies when the boys were little. Now that they’re grown and gone, I have to coax (i.e. bribe) Biker Dude to watch with me. He’s a real trooper and will generally suffer them with me. (This means he loves me, because he really doesn’t enjoy these movies :heart:)

I’ve even caught a few of the Lifetime Christmas movies this year. Some have been hokey and a bit over the top, but still fun.

Do you love Christmas movies? Hate them? And if you love them, which are your favorites?