My Nora Roberts Musings….

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge Nora Roberts fan I am. I think she’s a fucking brilliant writer.

And yes, Nora’s at the heart of my current dilemma with my book.

I’m at the *I hate you, you suck* portion of my book. The part where things aren’t going the way I want them to. The part where I think the book is a total piece of crap and I’d like to toss the entire thing in the nearest recycle bin and start over. No, I won’t do it, but damn, I’d sure like to.

This is where I start musing about what Nora does when she’s writing. Do all her books come out perfect the first time? Gawd I hope not. I like to picture Nora sitting at her desk, wearing ratty sweats and slippers, sprouting this morning’s uncombed bedhead, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, half-downed cup of coffee dangling off her fingertips.

Now here’s the best part–I picture Nora glaring at her screen as she ponders her latest work in progress and thinking….”what a piece of shit”.

That’s when I grin and start to feel better.

What? It works for me. Because Nora’s end product ROCKS.

So maybe mine can too. Once I get past the “this is a piece of shit” stage