Monday Ramblings

Where does the time go? Does it seem like life just gets busier this time of year, or is it just me? (Come on, tell me it’s not just me. Lie if you have to :giggle:)

The kids and us are adjusting to life under the same roof. Not easy on us or on them, but we’re all doing fine. They found a house they loved and made an offer. Owners counteroffered. The kids counteroffered. Now they’re waiting, certain the deal will go through, but I’m sure it’s a nail biter just trying to get things finalized. They really want this house. It’s an awesome house, too. Just perfect for them and for raising a family. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. We should know within the next day or so.

The new fall television season is underway and I’ve watched…mostly nothing. Caught CSI Thursday night, taped Greys but haven’t finished watching it yet. Hard to get TV time right now. And I’m busy. *sigh*. So what’s new this season that’s great? Anyone watch any of the new shows?

Finished the draft of my synopsis for the new Berkley Heat. Then I decided to change location and some of the major plot elements, so I’m in the process of reworking it. Once I get some feedback on it hopefully today or tomorrow, I can shoot it to my editor and start cranking on the writing portion of this book. (In other words, I need to stop tweaking and start writing, pronto!)

And I think I’ll be getting revisions shortly for The Demon’s Touch from my Bantam Dell editor, plus revisions from my Samhain editor for Unwrapped, so I foresee some major juggling in my future. Time to crack the :whip:

This week, though, is definitely finish the plotline, start the book, and pray revisions don’t come too soon :giggle:

What’s on your agenda?