Buy Cheerios – And Get A Free Children’s Book!

I read in our local paper today that Cheerios is once again sponsoring their annual Spoonfuls of Stories program. For the 5th straight year, Cheerios is giving away 5 million free books inside specially marked boxes of Cheerios. Cheerios is also donating to First Book, and that donation is bringing a year’s worth of children’s books to 50 reading programs serving disadvantaged children across the country.

Cheerios, in conjunction with the First Book program (a fantastic program that puts books in the hands of disadvantaged children), will put one of these 5 books in boxes of Cheerios starting in November, 2007. Actually I was at my grocery store today and they’re already there! :boobie:. So I bought two boxes for my granddaughter. More boxes to be bought shortly. I’m sure Biker Dude and I will be sick to death of Cheerios (which, by the way, are a very healthy cereal and good for your heart, so we’re going to suck it up and snack on Cheerios til we can’t stand them :giggle:).

So do your heart, and a child, some good. And buy Cheerios for those you love and those you wish to help