Bike Rally Pics

Biker Dude and I had a great time. My butt logged about 400 miles on the bike. It survived. :giggle:

Not sure of the count of the number of bikers in Fayetteville Arkansas this past weekend, but they were talking about in the hundreds of thousands. I believe it. The streets and sidewalks were so crowded Friday night I was suffocating.

Friday it was hot and sunny. I got massively sunburned. In October. Weird. Icky sweating hot day and muggy night, but at least we weren’t freezing to death, so I’ll take it.

Sunday we got up and drove to Eureka Springs, about an hour east of Fayetteville. Beautiful, scenic ride. Then we went south and back west toward home. Lots of riding (did I mention my butt barely survived?).

Really, had an awesome time. Pics after the jump. Don’t make fun of my doo rag. Biker hair is not pretty.

You can click on each pic to make them bigger.

Dickson St in Fayetteville. Lots of Bikers.

More pics of Dickson St. It runs several blocks. The noise from the bikes and the long lines of bikers was awesome.

Biker Dude and Me at Pig Trail Harley Davidson. Don’t you love the name?

No, I wasn’t lying. It really is Pig Trail. There’s a trail in Arkansas called Pig Trail. Trust me. Look it up on the map even. :giggle:

We stopped at this great place called Beaver Creek on our way to Eureka. One way bridge, little general store with a few rooms you could stay in. It sits on Table Rock Lake. Absolutely gorgeous. I want to come back and stay there sometime. So peaceful. Loved it.