Random Thursday

So the plotting of the Berkley book is going well. Slow, but well. Plotting is never easy. I have to plan out the entire story in my head, and I’m never one to just write it in generalities. I dig deep into characterization and really picture the entire storyline in my head, so my synopses tend to get really long and detailed, which means it takes time to do one. But I’m getting close to the end. I really need to finish this up this week so I can start writing the book.

The new television season has premiered this week. There are so many shows I want to watch, but i’ve been completely brain dead at night. I think it’s all the massive changes plus just being damn busy. CSI and Grey’s Anatomy tonight though and no way am I missing those!

In other news, my upcoming Samhain novella, UNWRAPPED, will be going to print next year along with Lauren Dane’s TO DO LIST. I’m wicked thrilled to go to print with Lauren. She’s a rockin’ talented writer! :boobie: Stay tuned for more details.

And just for fun…here’s Michelle mowing with Papa (aka Biker Dude) :giggle: