Monday’s to do on Tuesday

Wow, life has been intensely busy. Amazing how having three extra people move into your life can completely disrupt your daily routine. Now I’m out of sync. Imagine that.

We got the little one into daycare, so this is the first quiet day I’ve had in awhile. And I’m plotting like mad on my Berkley Heat book because I need to get this plotline finished so I can dig in and start writing this book asap. I’m really hoping I can get the majority of it done today, and so far it’s going pretty well.

And it’s raining like crazy here today! Thunder and lightning and absolutely pouring. The only bad thing is I’m exhausted and rainy days like this make me want to take a nap. Which so isn’t on my agenda today.

I’ve been so busy with family stuff that I’ve missed a bunch of stuff going on in blogland. That’s probably a good thing :giggle:

So tell me what’s going on in your world. And what’s on your to do list for the week.