A few things I’m learning never to do:

1. Never sit outside at night to watch the meteor shower without spraying on bug spray. I did that Sunday night and now I’m covered in mosquito bites and they REALLY ITCH! :loser:

2. Never take a pain pill for incessant sinus headache, because I know pain pills give me nightmares. Which means I sobbed in the middle of the night, which means Biker Dude had to wake me up, as usual. Clearly I would make a terrible drug addict since even a basic pain pill gives me nightmares. This must be why I write demon books. :giggle:

3. Never drink an espresso-laden latte after 5 p.m. because I know it’s going to keep me from being able to fall asleep, even though I’ve taken a pain pill. :dumbass:

So now I’m itchy groggy but wide awake. Does that make sense to anyone but me?

Must go exorcise some demons on the page today. :sasmokin: