More Cool Book Sale News – And I Need Title Help!

I’ve sold two new books to Samhain Publishing! :boobie:

One is Unwrapped, a sexy Christmas story that will release in…duh…December. Stay tuned for tormenting excerpts and such. :giggle:

The second is an erotic paranormal that I originally titled Blood Moon Night, but evil Angie my editor says I need to change the title. Hmph. So I need your help.

Here’s a little about the story:

Two dynasties at odds for centuries, one vampire, one lupine. One night in October each year they put aside their differences and celebrate the blood moon. Two people have special reasons to attend this year. One has come to protect, the other to kill. One man and one woman finding destiny binds and makes them lovers despite the odds.

Now, help me title it. It can’t have ‘Blood Moon” in the title, unfortunately. 😥

But it can have “Blood” in the title, though that’s not utterly essential.

The one who comes closest (and posts first, in case there are duplicates) to what the title ends up being will win a $10 gift certificate from Samhain Publishing.

Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(Oh and see the post below this one for my other cool book sale news :sasmokin: )