It’s Monday – Things To Do

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! (#2 Son’s birthday today! :love:)

Nothing like continuing to be trapped in the house with a recovering dog. :doglick:

Buddy’s doing better, though not as well when we try to leave the house and pen him up. He’s big, he’s strong and he can move furniture. ’nuff said. So that leaves me pretty much housebound for a bit, which sucks when I want to go out and do things. *big sigh*

But, being stuck here means the writing is going well. I’m making great progress on The Demon’s Touch, which I’m very excited about. My characters are constantly surprising me, as is the direction of the plotline. I love when this happens (yes, it often veers off in a direction I didn’t think it would, despite having the story outlined in detail. I’ll have to blog about this in depth at some point).

I have a lot to do this week!

1. Pups have to go to the groomers this week. They REALLY need haircuts. They look like short mopheads.

2. Buddy gets his stitches removed. I’m letting Ashley take care of this one :giggle:

3. I need to get my hair done this week. Which means Biker Dude gets to take Buddy to work with him that day. Heh.

4. Schedule some delivery dates on some new books. Fun stuff, but lots of calendar staring. :boobie:

5. Write, write write on The Demon’s Touch.

6. Talk incessantly about my upcoming releases, Hunting The Demon and Exclusive. Aren’t y’all excited about that? :sasmokin:

What’s on your To Do list this week?